Wonderful Solar Landscape Lights

Creating stained glass solar landscape lights to add a little color of mood for an outdoor area. This project works best with lanterns. Removing glass or plastic panels from light if possible. Use stained glass paints which are available in most craft shops, to paint a scene or a pattern on back of glass. If you cannot remove glass, it’s still possible to paint on exposed surface, but it may not be as durable.

Solar landscape lights – provides an environmentally friendly solution for decorating an outdoor garden or patio. It is also easy to install because it requires no electrical wires. Solar lights come in a variety of sizes and types. Incorporate a craft project to give a personal touch to your outdoor space solar lighting elements.

Creating a sun jar for a soft lighting effect. You need a glass jar with lid and glass frosting spray. Removing a solar panel and light from any kind of solar garden lights. Spray jar with frosting spray. You may need several coats. Place solar panel at top of cover and glue lighting element to underside of lid. After charges in sun, lights up jar with a soft glow. Make more sun jars using different colored glass for black.

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