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August 13, 2019 Porch Light

Wiring Motion Sensor Porch Light Fixture

Wiring motion sensor porch light fixture, turn power at the circuit breaker because you aren’t going to get shocked. Remove the casing which holds the light onto the wall. Use a screwdriver or drill to remove screws. Hold it in 1 hand as you untwist the wires from the cables. When disconnected, determine the fixture and also pick up motion sensor light.

Strip the ends of these cables onto the new motion sensor porch light fixture as you introduce enough to turn join into the cables. Pull the cables of this motion sensor which plugs in the house. The cables are always covered with different colored plastic so you understand which is which. Black is voltage wires. White is neutral cables. The ground cables may also be pure aluminum without lacquer. You might or might not have a ground wire running from the home. Otherwise, then tuck the ground cable on the fixture back into the home and out of the way.

Motion sensor porch light fixture – The outside of your house can be a bit spooky at nighttime. An constant flood light energy waste and turning to a porch light when you notice a noise could be too little too late. Consider installing motion sensor lights on the porch or in place of a flooding or conventional porch light. The wires are absolutely simple, and the light will alert you to move outside your residence.

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