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October 12, 2019 Chimney Bush

Well-Suited 5 Inch Chimney Sweep Brushes

Lower the brush down until it reaches the bottom of the fireplace. Pull it back up slowly, so it brushes against the sides of the chimney. Continue this process until each side of the chimney is swept several times. The amount of waste kicked up during the sweep will fall when the chimney is clean.  Return to the inside of the house. Remove sheet shielding the fireplace opening. Use an industrial strength vacuum up debris knocked down on the floor of the fireplace.

Setting up the ladder for safe and easy access to the roof and the top of the5 inch chimney sweep brushes. Fill an empty milk jug with water. Tie the milk jug to sweeper end of the chimney brush with heavy twine. On the handle end of a brush, attach the rope. The jug acts as a weight and makes the brush easier to control. Wear safety goggles to prevent soot causes eye damage.

Use a flashlight to look up the chimney. This will help to locate the places inside which most need cleaning. It will also help a homeowner to see if there are any animal nests or large obstructions in the chimney. A large piece of tape over the front of the fireplace. Be sure to secure the fireplace at the top, bottom and both sides. Sweeping causes a significant amount of dust and dirt to fall, which may be harmful to furniture and carpets. Sell extra sheets over the furniture or along the carpet in a precaution.

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