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March 5, 2020 Chimney Bush

Viper Chimney Brush and Rod Kit

To begin our discussion let’s start with the definition of the tool, one of which is viper chimney brush. It is a device that provides a mechanical advantage in completing the physical job. Archeology has determined that humans use various tools since the beginning of our existence. Tools can be as simple as a stick used to poke something to reach and move it.

Viper Chimney Brush– Lots of distinct fireplaces are used when building and maintaining fireplaces in the home fireplace and each of these tools has different stories to tell about how they appear in your hearth fireplace. This history will handle andiron, bellows, poker and fireplace screens. Also included with a fireplace tool are shovels, clamps, brushes but it is somewhat tricky to determine how and when this particular tool starts to be used.

Keeping that in mind, let’s start exploring the history of the fireplace tool with poker. A poker, also known as stoker, is a short and rigid stem, used to move the burning material into a fire. Viper chimney brush today is usually made of metal with a dot at one end to push the burning material and grip on the other end.

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