Velvet Headboard Ideas

Decoration velvet headboard

Velvet headboard – Add the velvet heads to bed will create a new look for your bedroom. Or, add padding to beds bed heads to get the look of the sofa in your bedroom or any other room in your House. Measure the length and height of the area that you want to the header address. Buy plywood dimensions based on it. Make sure the plywood is 1 inch thick. Cutting the foam padding to the same extent. Apply craft glue to attach the wood and foam. Let dry 10-12 hours.

If you want to add more filling, filling the cotton roll or hit, top of foam. Carefully covering it with your choice of material and double bass. Be sure to smooth velvet headboard out any bumps or before moving on to the next step. Decide on a pattern before nailing. Diamond pattern is a traditional style that will remain in vogue.

Take a piece of paper the same size as the velvet headboard and draw the line at an angle of approximately 9 inches between each line. Then draw parallel lines on the corner opposite each 9 inches. Place this sheet in the head of your bed and line up with the edge of the wood. Use this as a guide, hammer a nail at each place where two lines intersect. When finished, cut the role of the head. Using tacks Decorator to paint the nails.

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