Tufted Ottoman Ideas

Tufted Champagne Fabric Ottoman With Stainless Steel Base

Tufted ottoman features real elegant design and function of furniture. Coffee table in particular that really elegant at high quality of upholstery. A modern trend for the tufted ottoman includes deep tufting in the part superior. You can adapt your current ottoman without replacing the cover with new upholstery, and cushioning can add to your style of Ottoman art. Where possible, collect hem fabric ottoman or joint seat of the chair or sofa in an area where there is extra tissue. If that is not possible, select a material that matches well on the ottoman.

Collect tufted ottoman fabric hem, bottom or in deep joints of a chair or sofa. You’ll need a square 1 1/2 inch (3.81 cm) for each button. If you cannot find the amount you need to choose a fabric that matches the button covers.

Tufted ottoman cut the fabric twice the size of the diameter of the button cover. Place the fabric face down. Place the part superior of the button face down on the fabric. Web pressed by the sides of the button to catch the teeth on the bottom edge of button. Insert the bottom of the button cover and press the two pieces together until they snap into place. Remove the accessory cover fabric on the side top of the ottoman with a hammer, a screwdriver and pliers.

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