To Use River Rock Landscaping

River rock landscaping – Select a particular color or combination of colors of river rocks to use in the landscape. A mixture of three colors look more natural, but a single color can stand out more against your landscaping. Surround flowerbeds with river rock. These rocks provide a natural look physical barrier between the bed and your lawn, and they help to prevent grass intervene in plants. If you use a specific color of river stone, you can choose colorful plants to either complement or contrast with stone.

Build structures out of river stone that can be both decorative and functional at river rock landscaping. Construct a retaining wall or a standing wall out of large river stones. If you hold the wall less than 3 meters high, you will not even need any mortar. Construct a river stone path through your garden. Use small stones to line the path and large stones in the center as stepping stones. Fill in the remaining portion of the area with pebbles and gravel. A trail looks attractive and it makes all areas of your garden available.

Make a dry riverbed on your river rock landscaping property. Make trench slopes toward the bottom of your property because rainwater and runoff will accumulate in the trench. Fill the trench with all sorts of river rock to create the impression of an old creek bed. The meandering nature stream leaves many pockets where you can plant foliage. If you have access to a water source, you can divert it and make this bed a real stream.

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