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September 22, 2019 Garage

To Fix a Garage Door Seal

If you see water starting to enter your garage through the door, it means that the garage door seal is damaged. Also, you may feel a slight variation in temperature. This can happen once a few years. The temperature variation causes the seal and contract to expand and be damaged. If you want to change it, do not call a professional, save some money and do it yourself. The easiest way to see if the garage door seal is damaged is to turn off the lights in the garage when the sun is strong outside and see if the light escapes in the garage.

Look up for each side of the door. You can have a maximum of four stamps, one for each edge. Also, take a closer look at each of them. You will find the adjustment brackets on the outside of the tracks. After locating them, be sure to remember their number and position. To remove the garage door seal, loosen the screws that fix the adapter brackets to the garage door track. Push the door until it is completely closed. To avoid dents the door, it is important that you push the door as close to the structure as possible.

Repeat the process on the other sides. The lower seal is exposed to the greatest wear. This is the best opportunity to replace it. First, measure the width of the door and cut the seal to the corresponding size. Place the stamp with tacks, which starts at one end. Now inspect the seal again. Test the light again. While repairing the garage door seal, it is best to do some door maintenance as well. Check that the nuts are loose, the tracks. Spray with oil from the tracks.

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