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October 9, 2019 Chimney Flue

Tips Installing Chimney Flue Pipe

Today, really, in which most professionals and people are informed of the appropriate way in which to make a chimney flue pipe installation, especially with regard to double-walled pipes and where and when to place them, the mode of installation of the tubes (male up or down) does not influence the proper installation of the same.

Chimney Flue Pipe – When we are going to do the installation of the chimney tubes or the wood stove we have bought, if we have decided to do the installation ourselves, sometimes doubts arise, on how to fit the pipes of the fireplace or the wood stove. The chimney tubes for fireplaces or wood stoves come with a system called, that is, on one end they are female, and on another, they are male so that they can fit one inside another, to a stop usually formed by the fold of the tube. The sense in which tubes are inserted.

Which is usually a topic of discussion, since some think that the chimney flue pipe with the male facing up is better, and others that tube with the male facing down and the female facing upwards are better, Will depend in any case on the fireplace or wood stove that we have bought, as some manufacturers manufacture their chimneys or stoves with the male facing up, and others instead, manufacture them to install with the male down.

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