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October 28, 2019 Porch Light

The Outside Porch Light Fixtures

Another method to reduce populations around your porch lighting is to install motion sensors as part of the lighting system. The porch lighting that uses a motion sensor is continued until a person passes in front of the motion sensor at which point light kicks on. This method Is Quite effective in reducing insect inhabitants, not to mention reducing energy costs by using outside porch light fixtures and increase the life of your bulbs.Outside porch ideas,

Outside porch light fixtures – Control pests in and around the home often involves the use of chemical pesticides. However, using natural, non-chemical methods cannot only increase the efficiency of your pesticide Control Program, but also avoids the environmental and health problems associated with the use of chemical pesticides. Because insects tend to gather around the outdoor lighting sources, change your outdoor lighting to make it less attractive to insects are among the easiest of the natural procedures.

Sodium vapor lamps emit a yellowish insects find attractive, while mercury vapor bulbs emit more blue-white color. Therefore, even in case you cannot install sodium vapor bulbs, selecting a yellow mercury vapor bulb instead of a blue-white mercury vapor lamp can help reduce insect populations.

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