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March 7, 2020 Landscaping Ideas

The Best Rocks For Landscaping

An excellent mulch replacement is lava and rocks for landscaping. Although it is easy, it usually does not wash away as easily as mulch. The stone contrasts with foliage or decorative pots. Crushed stone is another choice for flower beds. It is made up of several types of stone and is perfect as a border or a walkway. The cut into the crushed rocks create an interesting blend of textures and colors.

Slate comes in many distinct colors and is perfect for adding a splash of color. Blueschist and greenschist are two types, named for their brilliant dominant color. Serpentine is a green stone. This stone is not always easy to find in stores and may have to be special ordered.

With many stones to choose from, each with their own texture and color, the landscape an artistic endeavor. Use rocks instead of mulch is one answer to keeping your garden as as it does not wash away as easily as mulch often does during hard rains. Rock used in many environmentally friendly yards as an alternative form of waterless ground cover.

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