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September 8, 2019 Home Designs

The Advantages of Louver Doors

Louver doors is one of the door type that has a special features. It allows air flow between rooms. And the purpose of it aren’t just for interior doors. It is also could be applied to cabinets door. So your cabinet will have it’s own ventilation. The louver doors aren’t just made ot of wood materials, it also could be made out of alumunium and steel. It is ofcourse depend on what you requires. But i like this type of doors. Somehow the room aren’t entirely closed. The air flow will gave you that breeze that will keep the room had some fresh air.

To make it more preferable the louver doors could also choose with vary of color. so, the performance of it can be contemporary. It could be applied to a bifold doors or a usual hinge doors.  Besides the color, the louver also had several types. There are the types which the door are full of louver, or it could also just on the bellow part of a door. Those variations are should be adjusted to your desire. Perhaps for some room with good ventilation, you don’t need a full louver door instead just a part of it. On the other hand, a room that hasn’t got a ventilation could use the full type of louver.

The louver doors could be applied when you are planning to install a door. But it also could applied when you try to replace a door. And it will be perfect not just for residential because frequently I found this kind of doors in the commercial palces such as hotels, resort, spa, cafes, and many others. It is a usefull door. I like it because it wasn’t just about the main function of a door that is for protection, but it also had a second function that is to make the air flow. And the air flow is definetly one of the elementary needs in any kind of rooms.

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