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Tall Skinny Dresser Ideas

If you want it more stylish and you choose a large mirror he leaned against the wall or hung. Create the illusion of more space, and the frame can accentuate the design of the rooms. Choose a stylish black frame for a room that is fairly rigid, or intricate plot prepared by a room- Tall Skinny Dresser that is much more decorated.

Platform beds to create a pedestal of its surface tall skinny dresser to sleep, and make your bed the center of the room. The lip that extends out beyond the edge of the mattress creates a bare attractive surface that opens up room and solid bottom beneath the platform bed drawers can hide. The unique look and additional storage platform beds make an ideal choice for your bedroom.

Placing wall lamps frees you from the tall skinny dresser need for a bulky night table. A wall lamp that gives the lighting you need without bulky base lamp. This allows you to have a smaller, more efficient light table. Choose a lamp shade that complements the decor of the room and can serve as a decorative element when not in use.

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