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September 2, 2019 Furnitures

Table Metal Legs Ideas

Quality of strength in design and function is wonderfully offered by the table metal legs. Stainless steel, iron, chrome, aluminum and others are optional. Having a handy table can be very useful for family gatherings, holiday meals, outdoor barbecues, weddings and other functions. When the party ends, metal legs bend, allowing the table to be stored unobtrusively. Instead of buying an entire table, table metal legs can be purchased and can be used to make a folding table from one you have on hand.

Table legs metal placed at the end of each side of the table surface with the inward folding mechanism.

Check that the bottom portions of the legs are facing up. Make a pencil mark through each mounting hole in the mounting legs of the table at the bottom of the tabletop. Remove the legs of the table temporarily.

Make a pilot hole for the mounting of the table metal legs and the screw through each pencil mark with a drill 1/8-inch and an electric drill. Drill the hole to a depth not exceeding one third of the thickness of the material on the board.

Place the legs of the table back on the board and align the mounting holes. Secure the legs to the table top with wood screws, which are at least ΒΌ inch (6.3 mm) less than the length of the material thickness of the board. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

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