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January 15, 2020 Furnitures

Swivel Bar Stools Ideas

The swivel bar stools are perfect for the kitchen and bar are comfortable and save space in high-traffic areas. These usually do not have high seats armrest but have a footrest and back. Frame materials ranging from wood to steel, and the seat is usually leather, wood or upholstery padding. Entering a specific area in two to three stools, according to the length of the bar. The swivel stools need to be armed and the manufacturer may or may not include written instructions with diagrams of different parts.

Swivel bar stools, unpack the box and put the parts on a flat surface near your screwdriver and wrench. Verify that you have all the parts, including nuts, bolts and washers. Place the lower legs face down on the floor. Place the top on them, aligning the slots in the central bar.

Swivel bar stools slide the footrest on the legs and insert the bolts into the drilled holes. Assures them with nuts and washers, but not the settings. Assistant supporting the seat frame, if applicable. Turn the support and align the ends of the vertical bars on the sides with the holes in the seat. Insert the bolts and screw them with your screwdriver.

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