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February 26, 2020 Chimney Pot

Superior Clay Chimney Pots Specification


Superior clay chimney pots arrestor screens are designed to control and eradicate glow that escape from the flue. Spark arrestor is a mesh screen cage attached to a simple base – mesh cage extends upwardly and over the flue opening.  Spark arrester is available in two styles: capped or uncapped. An extra barrier is provided by A solid lid and helps prevent debris from getting into the chimney flue.

Spark arrester fit the flue and superior clay chimney pots attach the surface – the chimney is a channel that slides inside the chimney. Since chimneys and flues are available in many distinct combinations of shapes and sizes, each spark arrester designed to fit a specific set of flue sizes and shapes of the chimney. This indicates aircraft carrier cage may be adjustable in length, width or diameter. For example, a rectangular drive fit a flue dimensioned 6 of 9 inches up to 14 by 22 inches. For example, Daly City, California, provides an elevation drawing and a table of measures to illustrate their code requirements for spark arresters. Mesh Screen sizes also vary and can be found in the dimensions of a 4/1 to 1 inch; But 1/2 or 5/8-inch mesh is a standard size. Required screen height running between 4 and 12 inches depending on the dimensions and shape of the superior clay chimney pots.

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