Sun Porch Window Treatments Ideas

For an unobstructed sun porch window treatments that block some rays but not your perspective of the outdoors consider window films. A step up from window films is utter window blinds and curtains. These will soften the look of your sun porch and provide a small amount of privacy should the need arise. A very popular option for sun porch windows is plantation shutters. They are easy to maintain and offer the most privacy options. In addition plantation shutters block more light and prevent more heat transfer.

Sun Porch Window Treatments Ideas – Have you considered adding a sun porch to your existing home? These bright airy rooms add value to your home and personal life. Create your own tropical paradise to be enjoyed year round, or a comfy reading room! What you do with your sun porch is only limited by your imagination. There are of course a few things you may not have considered yet.

There’s no hard and fast rule about sun porch window treatments; in fact, you do not have to cover them at all! However, if you want the option of closing out the light or adding your own personal flair there are lots of different window treatments available.

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