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August 29, 2019 Bolster Pillow

Stylish Long Bolster Pillow

Long bolster pillow – Strength pillows have had a long history. They are remnants of the days when the pillows were not just to rest your head on, but were used as a means of support.  The sort of long bolster pillow most people are familiar with is the elongated, cylindrical-shaped pillow, sitting in front of a lot of bed cushions. Strength pads may also be long, flat and rectangular or wedge-shaped. The key to a bolster pillow function is in its name. You can find them at the ends of sofas with hard ends and daybeds, to provide reassurance.

The original need a force cushion in beds was under the bed pillows to keep the sleeping in bed. In the United States until the 19th century it was considered unhealthy to sleep lying down.  Long bolster pillow used by some in bed to support them while you read. Other smaller forces used under the neck or under the ankles to assist with proper spinal alignment to eliminate back and neck problems.

When long bolster pillow often perform a practical purpose, but you can find them filled with buckwheat hulls and other small, round organic materials such as millet hulls. These types of fillings are popular in neck pillows because of their supportive and may be adjusted, qualities as a cushion filler.

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