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August 26, 2019 Home Lightings

Stunning Industrial Pendant Lighting Options

Industrial pendant lighting is a lighting style that is suitable for a variety of room themes. Whether you choose modern or vintage setting, industrial light will bring a unique impression of industrial high-bay warehouse in your home. The design is inspired by America’s factory from 1890’s – 1930’s, which was originally created to provide lighting for the rural and urban workers while they are working. Today, industrial-style décor and furniture adorn a lot of homes and workplaces, a smart theme that will make anyone stunned.

Industrial pendant lighting will be perfect to complete an industrial-style building. High ceiling, exposed brick walls, exposed beams and trusses on the ceiling, and unfinished elements are the characteristic of industrial room theme. Industrial lighting also has somewhat similar features. Wire cages, bare sockets, jointed arms, and turnkey switches will define the industrial theme lighting.

Add warmth to your home by hanging wire cage light such as brass finish metal wire light bulb guard, aluminium light bulb guard, satin-nickel brass socket, polished-nickel brass, and vinyl-coated steel bulb cage. Meanwhile, the sleek metal design with bright color will produce a bold impact in any room on your house. If you want to create a vintage feeling, opt for a re-purpose product such as egg-basket shade and clear-glass ball jar shade. There are also bucket pendant light which is one of the industrial lighting options that you can choose to create the impression you want.

You can also find a lot of corded pendants that are included in the “trouble finder” lights collection. Do you like retro style? Barn lamp with red, black, and silver iron shade is a wonderful choice. White ceramic socket, colorful cotton twisted wire cords, three lights pendant, and single-pole pendant light are also some of the décor elements that will bring the warehouse-style to your home. If you have industrial pendant lighting ideas, please share on the comments.

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