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September 18, 2019 Garage Doors

Spirit Double Garage Door Instructions

Double garage door was so popular that the company changed its name to the Genie in 1985 and has continued producing and releasing different models of remote-controlled garage door openers since the check the LEDs on both the source -and sensor devices. The source is red, and the light on the sensor is green. Both lights should be on whether the device is working properly. If one of the lights is turned off or blinks three times, there is a fault in the system, requiring repair. Check the power to the unit and confirm the source and the sensor are aligned.

Program each double garage door remote manually. Press and release the “Learn” button on the main unit. The button Power head near the terminal. The learning blinks twice per second in response. Press the remote control button once, and to learn how to shine on the register. Press the remote control button again and learning goes out, which means that the remote control is now in tune with the opener.

Pressing the button again while the door is moving allows the door to stop on the track. A third press will send the door in the opposite direction.

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