Spice Rack Ideas

kitchen spice rack ideas

How to keep spices is as important as where you store. To ensure that your spices retain their flavor, follow these simple spice rack ideas

Keep them away from light to preserve their flavor and color. Store them away from appliances that produce heat (stove, microwave, coffee maker and toaster) to help them stay fresh longer.

How to spice rack ideas? Whether you run out of space or just want to put some order in your spices, here are some simple and practical ideas for easy storage.

Install a spice rack ideas to wall or floors in cabinet door.

This is a simple way to organize and easily identify your spices. Small metal boxes attached to a transparent lid magnetic strip give a modern look to a kitchen and allow using spices more easily. To create a decorative look, keep spices in small ceramic containers decorated with a cork, or even in test tubes. Corks help to prevent formation of mold in a spice container.

Do not let spices on counter; Instead store them in drawers. Label lids and store spices in alphabetical order to make sure they always have a designated place.

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