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September 1, 2019 Chimney Bush

Special Ideas for Nylon Chimney Brush

If you do not have this to remove the soot, in the market you will find some pebbles or gravels that you can dump through the chimney. Place a container underneath, so they do not flow easily. You could also set them inside an old pillowcase or a cloth bag, and tie it with a rope, to insert it by the fireplace and use it as a brush.

Nylon chimney brush – Before doing the homework, be sure to cover with fabric and newspapers, both furniture and floors, and any furniture in the room. Close your doors and open the windows, and eliminate the curtains, because when you brush the pipe, the soot will fall and move throughout the room. This is necessary, as you must rub the walls with it.

When brushing the pipe or nylon chimney brush, do it by attaching the brush to an extensible and resistant handle. Put on clothes that can get dirty without problems, put on glasses and also a mask or chinstrap. Scrape the walls until you do not feel soot. Let it sit for a few minutes, then clean the area. Finally finish the task by lighting the fire, to be sure that the fireplace has a fantastic shot.

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