Seat Cushions Ideas

gel seat cushion

Seat cushions – A great way to dress up inexpensive chairs and wear is to create your own cushions to complement them. The cushions for the chairs are inexpensive DIY and add a pinch of essence shabby chic (modernized old style) to your home or patio. Choose fabrics that are rich and elegant patterns which match your existing decor, or choose low-maintenance fabric, easy to clean that work well in a family environment or in an outdoor courtyard.

Choose a suitable fabric for the seat cushions. For external use, it is considered a durable, weather resistant as canvas or cotton fabric coated with plastic backing. Preferred options for indoor use include upholstery fabric, jacquard designs in heavy cotton or blends.

Measures the size of the seat cushions section of the chair. Cut the fabric to these measurements leaving extra fabric to the thickness of the foam cushions and an additional thickness of six inches (15.2 cm) for hemming and install the zipper. For example, if you’re doing a chair cushion 24 x 24 inches (60.9 x 60.9 cm) and will use a square of foam that is 5 inches thick, you need to cut two pieces of fabric matching with a measurement of 34 x 34 inches (86.3 x 86.3 cm) each.

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