Screened in Porch Windows Ideas

Mop and polish the wooden floor of the porch to make it look clean and inviting. When the floor is dry, add a few woven or braided rugs to give the space a cozy quality. Do wicker or rattan sofas, armchairs and ottomans for the screened in porch windows. Pick a low coffee table for drinks and books. This type of furniture recognizes the outdoor element of the veranda, but has a domestic quality to it. Add soft cushions and throw pillows to furniture in your designated color scheme to generate the seats look more inviting.

Hang clean or opaque curtains or roman shades along the sides of the room for privacy or block bright sunlight. These window treatments will also give the room a more finished, tailored look while adding a splash of color. By way of example, lanterns and candlesticks provide ambient lighting at night. Flower pots; other potted plants, vases of flowers or garden statues will bring a sense of the outdoors in the porch area.

A screened in porch gives you the best of both worlds: an uninhibited vision of nature and the surrounding landscape and protection from the elements. Such a place might easily be a sanctuary, a place of retreat in the home, if decorated with the perfect furniture to be able to contribute to such use. Decorate a screened in porch should accentuate the indoor-outdoor hybrid quality of the area in a relaxing way.


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