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October 10, 2019 Porch Windows

Screen Porch Plastic Windows Cover

Tape onto the wall. Cut it out. Then carefully peel off the top layer of tape off. Keep plastic picture up into the window. Start by pressing on on the top corners into the tape. Press the plastic film onto the double-sided tape for all along the window until the plastic is convinced band. Blow dries the full screen beginning at the top corner of the plastic picture. Blow Off until all the wrinkles are out of plastic and it’s totally smooth whole screen porch plastic windows.

Measure the opening of the whole window onto the exterior of the home. Write down the dimensions for width and height. Cutting the plastic picture to the size quantified for both height and width. Leave a few extra inches on each side.


Screen porch plastic windows – Installing plastic window covers are common across homes to make them more energy efficient and save on heating costs in winter. The plastic film prevents cold air from entering the house through cracks or openings in the windows which aren’t correctly installed or draining air. After the screen porch plastic windows covering setup, almost all you need in the install window kit found in any hardware store.

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