Safest Basement Flooring Ideas

Appealing Basement Flooring Ideas

The basement flooring ideas wood is not such an outlandish idea. Many owners immediately discounted the idea in favor of floor covering options more resistant to moisture, such as tiles, vinyl’s and concrete. But if you still want wood, there are two ways to get closer to this. The safest answer: never do this. The unconventional answer: you can do it if the conditions are right.

Why Wood is not the safest method? Being underground, basements are dreary places. So when you finish (remodel) your basement flooring ideas, the owners often make extra special efforts to make the space warm and comforting, more than they could be with the spaces above. Brighter lighting, bright wall colors, additional heating and more windows make the basement feel more inviting.

Wood, too, transforms sterile cellars into places that feel suitable for the human habitation. It is this desire for wood for comfort and familiarity that creates problems. Concrete is the safest basement flooring ideas. Secondly, it would be ceramic or porcelain tiles, vinyl floors in sheets or luxury vinyl tables. Even in the case of something as catastrophic as a water heater flooding the entire basement, these floors would dry to their original state.

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