Safe and Protected Chimney Wrap round Cover

Make a hole at the point at which the cable has to enter or exit the side or front of this chase. Insert the bass tape to the hole. Probe in the hole to get an idea of just how close the chimney wrap around cover is into the entrance point of this chase. Secure a magnet to a string with electrical tape. Use the second magnet to track down the pull string.

Remove the tape from the string and the magnet. Twist the cable into the pull string. Retract the series slowly through the hole. It’s essential that the cable match code adapting to the CL standards. This prevents the cable from catching fire and behaves as a wick that conveys the fire from 1 room to the other. Additionally, the cable doesn’t burn when subjected directly to the flames.

Chimney wrap around cover – although it isn’t extraordinarily common, it’s occasionally necessary to track a cable by means of a chimney chase. Maintain the wire safe and shielded from such temperatures is vital to a correct and secure installation.

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