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September 14, 2019 Throw Pillow

Replacement Cover and Sofa Unique Throw Pillows

Unique throw pillows – Perhaps the framework and structure of your sofa has held up well in recent years, but the unique throw pillows are a bit tired and fabric covers are also a bit worse for wear. Instead of investing a whole new sofa, buy some new foam and batting pads and sew new covers for them. If you cannot bear to sew something together or are concerned about damage new cushions, cushions make an upholsterer.

Measure the current unique throw pillows on the sofa. Cut the foam with the electric knife to match the size of the old cushions. Place the batting over the cushions and cut to match the size of the top of the unique throw pillows. Measure the height, depth and width of the batting pads on top. Cut a long strip of fabric for each pillowcase that is twice the width of the pad more than 1 inch and twice its height, more than 1 inch and an inch more depth.

Slide the folded strip on the unique throw pillows, keeping the right side inward. It should cover the top, bottom and two sides. The front and back of the pad should be naked.  Attach the second smallest to the back of the pad strip, but only set the long upper edges together. Carefully slide the top of the pad. Stitch the smallest piece of fabric to the larger piece on all four sides, leaving a margin of half-inch seam. Turn the cushion cover right side out and slide back into the unique throw pillows.

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