Renew Old Cabinet with Glass Cabinet Knobs

In how to remodel in improving old cabinets for a brand new look, glass cabinet knobs can make a finer look. They can do more than just hardware. Hardware stores are filled with simple or decorative door and drawer combined with almost any style knobs. They come in metal, wood and even glass and porcelain. However, maybe now you decided to make a change, do not you want to use glass cabinet knobs and handles better choice or any other details in place.


Decide if you still want knobsTake a tour of several hardware stores.

Upgrade your home with a touch of elegance and replace the plastic parts with other glass or tempered glass cabinet knobs, which look better and are higher quality. The different parts are obtained from the different cuts of glass can give your furniture a unique and sophisticated look.

Open the drawer of the dresser or closet. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw holding the old to the cabinet knob. Hold the piece and unscrew the screw, so that nothing can fall and has a chance to damage something down. Remove the knob.

Align the new knob in the hole. Sets the new screw into the hole on the inside of the drawer or cabinet door. Tighten the screw into place. Pull the glass cabinet knobs to see if it is tight.

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