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September 2, 2019 Furnitures

Put Up Chair Rail Molding

Put up chair rail molding – The main stage to introducing chair rail molding is to verify you get the sort of chair rail molding you need and need.

Measure from the floor up the divider to the stature you want.

Place the stud discoverer on the divider to find the studs. Make an imprint on your even line where each one stud is.

Introduce the first piece with the completion nails, yet don’t permit your sledge to strike the molding. Drive a nail as close as could be expected under the circumstances and utilize the nail set to drive a nail underneath the surface of the chair rail molding.

Rehash Steps 3 and 4 until all the chair rail molding is introduced on the divider. In the event that the chair rail does not stop in a corner or window or entryway packaging, you will need to deliver what is known as a mitered return.

Apply some wood paste to within the miter, and place it set up. After all the side chair rail molding is introduced, fill all the nail openings with the fitting item, for example, wood putty or painter’s caulk, for staining or painting.

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