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September 7, 2019 Loft Bed

Pottery Barn Loft Bed Ideas

Pottery barn loft bed – A loft is almost a second floor, but not quite. Lofts are in the houses, barns and industrial buildings and serve a variety of purposes. American country, primitive folk art, cottage, rustic chic styles and even messed overlap with barn style. The best aspect of this theme decor that welcomes the findings of the flea market and family heirlooms, you do projects and handmade items yourself.

Pottery barn loft bed, decorated in country house style it works best if you invest in pieces of solid wood with thick lines. Look for details like hardware rustic rusty metal, thick handles, hammered tin panels, woodwork, scroll work wrought iron and enamels that make the surface look cracked and aged wood. Avoid shiny or polished surfaces in favor of distressed finishes. A gray weathered wooden bench at the entrance or on the porch gives a homey feel. In the bedroom, a creamy white bed frame painted iron is perfect with quilts or under a huge canopy. Equip your bathroom with a claw foot tub and vintage kit.

Pottery barn loft bed, use barn-inspired decor pieces. A metal trough makes a perfect planter in a container garden. A wooden barrel can serve as an entry table. Hang horseshoes and other metal hardware as wall art. Reuse a gingham apron like a curtain and hang cafeteria-style, set halfway up the window frame that allows you to peer into the top of the window in your garden.

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