Popular and Luxury Look Flat Roof Porch

If you do not have the time and patience to take care of a garden full of plants you can opt for lawns that you can maintain with relative ease. If you live in a place where it rains frequently you will not even have to water it so frequently. A house with an outside staircase that leads to the Your railing continues along the perimeter to create a sense of privacy on the roof terrace.

Flat roof porch– Luxury houses with flat roofs are becoming more and more popular, especially in countries with dry climates. The architects modern prefer not to waste space, which these days is becoming scarcer and less affordable. Do you want a garden on the roof in the middle of the city? A flat roof fits the windows and unusual shapes of the walls. It also houses several private outdoor spaces and a garden on the roof.

The flat roof porch and pool creates some extraordinary light patterns inside this spectacularly designed home. It is only a project that gave it the green light in Beirut so soon it will become a reality. One more example of a terrace in the azotea of the house with place of rest located next to an urban garden full of plants in large pots. This terrace can be accessed through external stairs.

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