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August 28, 2019 Trundle Bed

Pop Up Trundle Bed: Ideal for Small Space!

The pop up trundle bed not only allow you to convert a single into a double by magic, but also convert a game room in a guest room or provide auxiliary couch someone who needs stay. Many families buy trundle beds to decorate the room to play and have a sofa / extra double bed that is used if necessary.

There is models pop up trundle bed including extra storage space in addition to the drawer where I put the bedding; other models can use the box provided for the lower bed as storage bin. In any case, do not use or lower beds, one of the benefits of having a trundle bed at home is that you always have an extra storage space to store toys, dolls, games, books, comics, magazines … always within the same bed and freeing of storage boxes and baskets scattered on the floor.

Given that the life of a pop up trundle bed can easily be between 10 and 15 years, the fact that none of our exceeding 240 € (without mattresses) is definitely a very supportive. Almost all, in fact, they are below 200 €, and that coupled with the fact that our mattresses are also great price, means you can have the bed with 2 mattresses easily for about 350-400 € depending on model.

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