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August 27, 2019 Garage Storage

Perfect Garage Bike Storage Options

Garage bike storage – For first options is wall racks; Wall racks for bicycles is best for garages where floor space is an issue, and when there are more bikes in a household with some seeing only rare use. Store bikes, often used in arm height and store bikes that is rarely used at higher racks. Wall racks get the wheels off the floor too, which is better for the bike. Consider storage of bike-related items, such as pumps or spare tires – on the wall also.

The second perfect garage bike storage option is floor stands; if you just have a few bikes, the floor bike racks a practical storage solution for garages. If you have a large number of cycles, this solution could be using too much storage space, but if every bike in your household is used frequently, the use of space could be worth as bicycles stored at floor level are easier to get than bikes stored high off the floor.

Third perfect garage bike storage option is ceiling hoists; Ceiling hoists are pulley-powered bike storage systems that allow bikes to be stored overhead on the ceiling of the garage. If you have a high garage ceiling and do not use bicycles every day, this can be a wonderful storage solution, especially if you’re walls and your floor space is at a premium. To retrieve the bikes stored in ceiling hoists, drag you simply a rope to lower them. It is advisable not save the bikes over a car – you have to move the car to pick up the bikes.

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