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September 14, 2019 Furnitures

Pallet Furniture Plans from Wood

Wooden pallet furniture plans for transporting goods can be an ecological and economic resource for functional objects.


  1. Search pallets unused industrial areas. Tool Crib The site says you can get lucky on deposits appliance manufacturers, electrical, painting, tile shops or places heavy equipment repair.
  2. Choose a simple project, such as a coffee table or benches. Depending on the design and dimensions of the furniture you want, you can use pallets without the need to modify both.
  3. Consider projects that requires not disassemble the pallet furniture plans. You can use a hacksaw to cut the entire pallet crosswise so you have the size you need for your plan.
  4. Retrieves wooden pallet if your project requires wooden boards. Remove the nails holding the boards to the support blocks. There are a variety of opinions on how to make nails, but the site Tool Crib suggests using a claw hammer to loosen the boards until you see the nail heads.
  5. Manufactures pallet furniture plans that fit your project. Measure the boards, cut the size you need and combine them to suit your design.
  6. Sand the edges of the timber, including the edges that you cut or removed nails. Finish the furniture with a sealer or varnish darkening.

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