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September 26, 2019 Basement

Painted Basement Ceiling Insulation Ideas

Painted Basement Ceiling – One of the tasks face homeowners when changing storage areas into living spaces are to come up with ideas for the basement ceiling. Ceiling ideas for basements can turn space into anything from a low cost, comfortable nest to a professional office space. Although not a common choice, using a cloth as a ceiling cover provides many advantages. First, the cost depends entirely on the material used.

Using thick cloth as an underground ceiling can actually create a small sound barrier between living spaces above and below the ceiling. Footsteps from above, happy cheers from below when someone watches a game or plays a video game – this kind of thing can disturb people in both areas. Muffling these voices even yields little more of the better enjoyment of these areas. Color and texture painted basement ceiling is as easy as selecting material.

A fairy castle for a little princess, a cowboy theme for a human cave, an exotic harem – all this is easily made by choosing the right fabric and color as a hanging ceiling. Building a comfortable and immersive theme provides a more relaxed and enjoyable environment. Fabric ceiling cover is easy to remove. This is a big advantage to using cloth. In an emergency maintenance, can quickly remove the ceiling cover to make repairs can save substantial costs. That’s the article about painted basement ceiling.


Painting a bare cellar ceiling can be really actually just a significant approach to earn a brief ceiling appear bigger! Discover to paint a bare cellar ceiling.Through the weekendwe painted our cellar ceiling of the studio area. I am really so eager to talk about with you the way that it was! I believe as we attained approximately a foot of distance distinctively.I thought that paint can create the mis-matched pipes and duct work appear fine, but every thing appears fantastic.

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