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September 12, 2019 Garage Doors

Paint Metal Garage Doors

Pour the powdered detergent onto the sponge and scrub the door again to remove grease and dirt. Scrub the doorway with the hose and let it dry. Place a drop cloth on the ground in front of the garage door. Put the band around the door handles and across the weather striping surrounding the door. Prime the rustic metal door with a primer for latex paint. Coat the entire door. If you have a roll-up garage doors, do not apply the primer into the spaces between the rectangular components of the door or they will keep. Allow the primer to dry for 24 hours.

Garage doorsGarage doors get a good deal of wear and tear over the years. If your rustic metal garage door is peeling paint or rust stains, you can clean them up and paint over it for a nice, smooth surface. Needed grind metal garage door only if there is rust on the surface of the door. If not, you can paint over rustic metal door with a fresh coat of primer and paint.

Dip the brush at the outer, flat latex paint and tap the side of the can so that it is not dripping. If you paint a roll-up garage door using a brush to cut a two-inch lines around the perimeter of each rectangle slab of metal that makes up the door. If the door is a roller door, cut a 1 to 2 inch line of color around the perimeter of the whole rustic garage doors. Holding the brush in a paint angle and in a straight line to cut with it. Roll the paint on the door. If you work with a roller door, paint each rectangle of the door one by one horizontally to avoid getting paint in the cracks between the sections.

Paint for garage doors metal,

Painting garage roller door,

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