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September 11, 2019 Nightstands

Paint a Glass Nightstand Modern

Glass nightstand – You can transform a simple glass cover of a table into a work of art to paint it. You can do it with water or oil based paints. Choose from a wide variety of colors in both types of paint, to match or contrast with the décor of the room. Create a bright effect with paintings of glass transparent or paint it in a more traditional way using opaque dyes.

Spray cleaner glass nightstand on the top of the table. Dry the surface with crumpled newspaper to remove dust, dirt or fingerprints. Then rub the glass to get a shine clear and dry. Ask a friend for help lifting the lid and separate it from the base of the table if they interfere with your work. Put two stands a short distance to hold the glass cover while pints.

Choose a pattern or picture to paint. Create an original design free hand or find an image that you can draw. You can also use a template as a model for your work. Put your draft or image at the bottom of the glass nightstand lid with the drawing face looking up through the glass. Secure with masking tape. If you use a template, fix it at the top of the table, with the same tape.

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