Option of Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basement Remodeling Ideas Ceiling

Many basements are dark, nosed and rarely used. But the space below your home has a lot of potential. And if done right, a remodeled basement can double the square footage of your home and be a huge worthy investment. The following are a few basement remodeling ideas to help you realize the full potential of your underused cellar.

Home Theater

One of the most popular options for a basement remodeling ideas is a home theater. The naturally dark and atmospheric atmosphere of a basement is suitable for a theater-style movie room. You can even warm it up with rich velor curtains, retreat to reveal the show, like an old theater. You can further isolate space with a warm, textured carpet and cloth material on the walls. Just remember your speakers and other electronic hook ups so they can be integrated nicely into the room.

Home Gym

Another excellent option for a basement remodeling ideas plan is a home gym. A basement is generally the coolest area of the house, making it an ideal place for a solid workout. Cover the cement floors with padded gym mats. And install a few fans and you have got a comfortable room for yoga, pilates or weight machines. This home gym can be a very simple project to remodel your basement guys.

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