Option for Sun Porch Flooring Ideas

Although wood is vulnerable to humidity and sunlight, it can still be the best sun porch flooring ideas. The porch may already have decking of wood, and if you want to save time and effort, you can paint it is high quality floor enamel and leave it at that. If you want a solid wood floor, but you need a vapor barrier before laying it on. Heavy plastic or vinyl stapled to the decking will serve this purpose well.


Sun porch flooring ideas – The bright light of your sun porch is good for you, but it can be bad for the floor. UV rays will fade the colors linoleum and vinyl, and wood surfaces do not fare much better in direct sunlight. Spots fade and wood coated with a clear finish eventually begin to deteriorate. If the floor is damp-proof, you have an additional problem, since moisture weakens the tile adhesive and cause the wood to cup and separate.

Linoleum and vinyl flooring is as easy to clean as laminates such, but they must be glued down. If you have existing sun porch flooring ideas, you need to install a vapor barrier, and then nail the hardboard as a substrate for the adhesive. The sun will begin to act on vinyl or linoleum as soon as it is installed, and if it is light, it will not take long for the colors to fade. You can minimize fading effects by moving furniture around often, or provide shade when the sun is strongest.

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