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November 30, 2019 Chimney Pot

New Trend Clay Chimney Pots

Clay chimney pots and metal is the new models exempt of cast iron or steel are trend in the decoration by its original designs. They do not need special maintenance and look great in the middle of a stay, even becoming the focal point of space.

It can become dangerous if sparks fly, being advisable to place protective elements. Access to the home through glass doors. Combustion is more efficient and safe. Cassettes and inserts offer higher performance and superior energy savings.

Clay chimney pots: Same as the fireplace, it is composed of two elements: the hearth (combustion) and the chimney (smoke outlet). This last piece on the stove is in sight. This system is composed of prefabricated elements and does not need work. The smoke outlet should protrude from the roof approximately 50 or 60 cm. It is also advisable to keep a distance of 8 meters with any obstacle (trees, walls…) that hinders the escape of the smoke and causes it to return to the interior of the room.

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