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January 26, 2020 Throw Pillow

Monogrammed Throw Pillows Design

Monogrammed throw pillows – throw pillows can be used for more than just comfort. With the right fabric or design, add color to any environment, promote conversation or offer design inspiration. Monogrammed throw pillows covers are easy to make. All that is needed are two squares of fabric and sewing shaped pillow. Sewing caps by hand if you do not have a sewing machine, although the project will take more time.

Curtains are ideal for the manufacture of monogrammed throw pillows covers option. The fabric is usually very durable and often features different colors and designs. Even heavy materials such as tweed can become pillowcases shooting. Remove the backing installed for privacy or for saving energy before starting the project. Also, wash or dry clean curtains before cutting to ensure that the fabric will not be reduced. Old tablecloths can find a new purpose when it becomes monogrammed throw pillows covers.

There are many ways to use monograms in a bedroom for style, as a monogram on the wall behind the bed. These monograms are generally large, made of vinyl and work well in a child’s room. Monograms can be placed in the headers if you do not want to mark the walls. Pillowcases and sheets can be monogrammed and monogrammed throw pillows and valances.

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