Modern Interior Doors

Avanti Vetro Interior Door Modern Doors

Modern interior doors – They are exquisite in featuring elegant design and function at high quality. Sliding and folding are best selections these days. These pieces are made ​​of solid wood of the stiles and rails that are attached together by joints mortise and tenor (with wedges) or by dowels. The number of panels may vary, but the overall construction is similar on each side rails top, middle and bottom. The bottom rail is wider than the top rail, and the center is usually below the midpoint – so it’s easy to tell which side is up.

Modern interior doors with the stiles and rails solid wood, these doors can be adjusted quite easily to fit into a framework of existing door should not be too tight as there is a risk that the sides of the shroud can be exposed on the part of top / bottom rails or wedges holding the joints in the amounts of weakening.

Modern interior doors wood are made ​​using a hidden frame covered with a thin coating on each side and solid wood usually down both edges to give a decorative finish. The coating may be ordinary hardboard, which can be painted after you’ve put door, or decorative plywood that can be varnished to give a natural look of wood. Inside the door are available to give the faces some strength and rigidity.

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