Metal Carport Garage Design

Metal carport garage – Metal carports are a great way to add usable space on the outside of your residence, without the cost and inconvenience of building an entire garage. They keep the weather from your vehicles and provide a working area when the weather is bad. Metal carport garage are inexpensive and easily installed by even the most inexperienced of carpenters or mechanics. Contact your local zoning Commission to examine the rules to build a new structure on your property. If applicable, obtain the necessary permits and then select a location for your carport that will be flat and well protected from side winds. The location must be convenient to drive to as well, so you can easily store your vehicles.

Assemble the legs of your carport by screwing them together and build the roof frame. Cover the frame with the included metal shingles and then erect metal carport garage by lifting the roof of the legs and secure them with the mounting bolts. This is often the easiest and best resolved by a small group of people.

Mount your carport in the area you have chosen either to run install anchors in the ground and installing the carport on top of them, drilling in concrete pad and mounting pins on the carport into the holes, or by running large metal sticks into the ground and secure carport them with rope. No matter what style of anchors you use, make sure the metal carport garage door is securely mounted as strong winds can catch the underside of the roof and blow it out.

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