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King Size Bed Frame with Headboard

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August 25, 2019 Bedroom Ideas

Mandal Headboard Ideas

headboard Manual, designed as a complement to the bed, but it’s actually a very versatile decorative element. Nike Carlson designed to IKEA this simple solution to dress up any wall, a noble material such as wood, based on elements varnished colorless solid pine. The Manual deep shelves to place at will as we convengan.La most notable feature of furniture like this is that you can fit almost any space, with surprising results if we combine more elements, not necessarily in the bedroom, because behind a sofa or any coating facing our house would provide a very original touch –Mandal Headboard

And why the Mandal is mandal headboard  one of the best headers because it allows us to save space! By having a combined board with shelves, they can function as a table, making it ideal in narrow rooms. Furthermore, it is a headboard wall so also cleared space in the soil. Want to see more advantages Mandal headboard one that jumps out is the aesthetic as it is a modern and original headboard, with striped wooden board and white shelves. It is ideal for rooms or contemporary Nordic style! In addition, as already mentioned the shelves are very comfortable to leave different objects such as alarm clock, book or mobile, and thus clearing the table’s space or even without them. To multiply the pragmatism of the headboard we can be combined with the bed frame Mandal

Also in solid wood with 4 large mandal headboard  drawers in white. I love this series for modern bedrooms! If not, another option is to combine this with any structure headboard bed, albeit only up to 160 cm wide. Although it looks great with a bed that, like the headboard, either solid wood (and if possible in the same color), a tough, material.

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