Making Your Contemporary Armoire

Nice Contemporary Armoire

With proper design, contemporary armoire offers more space and comfort than equivalent to the old. Many antique cabinets consist of a shelf on top of space and one long bar for hanging clothes. The lower part of the space is left open, leaving the mess, half hidden by hanging elements. The modern wardrobe usually ends with this old idea and takes a wardrobe to a whole new level in storage.

Change exterior doors. Ending antiquated, opening outwards, door hinges and replaced with little slippers made to match the room. Add smooth mirrors outside the doors for added decoration and to make the space look larger. Divide the closet space. Measure the largest of the contemporary armoire wall and divide in half or thirds, depending on size.

Design a new interior based on need. For the person with many suits, dresses and other items that require hanging, devoting more space for hangers. For those with more folded clothes, underwear and shoes, choose more shelves and drawers. Install a closet organizer in space. The organizer must have both shelves and drawers for maximum storage of materials. Install hanging bars in layers. Place a bar near the top of the contemporary armoire and halfway down. This doubles the number of items that can be hung at half the original space. Maximize closet space by adding a shoemaker or hooks on exterior doors. This modern feature helps keep the floor free of obstacles closet.

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