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September 9, 2019 Bunk Bed

Making Kids Bunk Beds with Slide

Kids bunk beds with slide – A bunk bed is a type of furniture that is made for at least two beds, placed one above the other but the current berths have designs that allow them to create a different and striking composition. It’s a furniture intended for households that do not have much space to place the traditional beds and individual way, but another reason is to save space in the smaller children’s rooms have a lot of free site to conduct activities in their own room, and play, study, etc. to make it even more functional, they are usually at the base of the litter several drawers for storing clothes, shoes, toys or any other product. And so the kids can enjoy during the day, in current designs usually have bunk-ones for fun like slides ranging from the top down bed.

Kids bunk beds with slide, first to build a berth is taking real action of the room where it will be placed and locate the most appropriate place to locate it. Make a design on paper or computer design berth with its basic structure and measures for each of the parts that are required to build it.

Kids bunk beds with slide, buy materials such as wood, paint for parts, summiteers and mattresses, various kinds of nuts and products to reinforce the structure and finally the different items to decorate the litter. Prepare cutting tools and machines for screws and fasteners brackets mechanically, but also need a screwdriver and sanding wood.

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