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Making a Wall Mounted Nightstand

A bedside table mounted on the wall gives you more space to free the ground surface beside his bed. You can purchase a floating wall mounted nightstand, or make one yourself from four pieces of wood and a piece of wood. The nightstand will make the room seem larger because of the extra space. Select any color of wood stain, or choose any variety of wood grain that has some you like.

making wall mounted nightstand, Select two pieces of wood that are the length you want your bedside to be, then select two side pieces of equal size that will create the desired width. For example, use wood 1 by 6 inches to build a box of night is 6 inches deep.

Place the four pieces of wood on their sides and mount the box. Place the two side pieces between the two long upper and lower parts. Use an electric drill screwing together two wood screws through the two long pieces and side pieces. You will need two screws on each end of the upper part and at each end of the bottom piece. Measure the total length of the wall mounted nightstand, and the total width. Cut a piece of wood to match these measurements.

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