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September 2, 2019 Furnitures

Make Modern Chandeliers

In how to make modern chandeliers for your home ceiling lighting, we are giving you the ideas to do it yourself. It is quite easy by following the instructions. We all like our house look beautiful and arregalada, and for that, candles and candle holders are the perfect accessory. But as we always say, when we do we fit better; and so, before you go to buy it, now you can learn to make these original and modern chandeliers.

Materials to make modern chandeliers:

Two component putty

Polystyrene spheres

Circular template (shear)


Glossy black spray paint

Graphite powder

Step by Step to make modern chandeliers:

Prepare the grout by mixing both components equally until a homogeneous color. Lining the sphere with a putty layer 5 mm thick; place it in small portions and integrating pushing unions. With the cutting, creek circles across the surface. Leave to set. Melt Styrofoam sphere thinner pouring in small amounts until it disappears completely. To perform this procedure, place the sphere into a container that can contain the Styrofoam disintegrated by the diluents.

Paint the area with black spray putty and let it dry. Make a patina with graphite powder and dried. Note that one of the holes should correspond to the base of the candlestick and it must be large enough to hold the candle at night with metal container.

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