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October 15, 2019 Porch Light

Make Front Porch Light Fixtures with Vellum

Use a whole punch to create decorative circles around your pictures. Create a colorful design on parchment pieces using a dry sponge and ink pad. Put the sponge on the ink pad. Then the unevenness surface of the velum evenly to form a structure. Fold both longitudinal edges 1/2 inch inwardly of two of the parchment pieces. Apply double-sided tape or glue to 1/2-inch flaps and glue them on the back of the longitudinal edges of the front and rear pieces vellum. Place your completed luminary over the top of a lit candle in a candlestick. And the front porch light fixtures With Vellum was done.

To make front porch light fixtures With Vellum is not tough. Starting with set the sheet of parchment on a flat work surface. Use stencils to draw stars, circles, letters, magazines or other images in the upper middle part of every parchment piece. Set the parchment on a piece of cardboard and use a mat or craft knife to cut out each character. Cut slowly and carefully to avoid making a mistake.

Front porch light fixtures – Vellum fittings are easy to make and can be personalized to fit any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary celebration. The soft candle light comes through the parchment pages will create an elegant atmosphere for all participants to enjoy. Vellum luminaries lined along a walkway or front porch can provide light direction and darkened paths.

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